“The contrast between the lyrical meaning and very bright melodies is fantastic and whereas this technique has been used by many of the greats to fantastic effect before, Dalaro have pulled it off perfectly.” - Root Sounds

“It strikes us down immediately, just right in the first seconds of the playback. Most adequate reaction would be scream and shout, run along the streets, enjoying this riotously great indie jam-set. Instantly, in any conditions and circumstances. (We did that.)” - Click and Listen It                                                           

A rather fitting melodic riff provides the perfect underlay for frontman Connor Templeton’s sumptuous vocals to really come to the fore and take centre stage throughout the three-minute track. - Tune Army

‘No chances to melt into the background here due to Dalaro’s profound ability to grab our hearts by solid indie rock we understand so well. Collisions and confrontations are forbidden, there’s only swashbuckling shoutouts and amazing races all around. Wild young colts and their freedom.’  - Click and Listen It

Mail: info@dalaro.co.uk

The track opens on a pulsing beat that leads into three minutes of effervescent guitar hooks and sparkling synths that provide that upbeat, summery sound not too dissimilar from the late Viola Beach. - Little Indie Blogs

The song is a solid pop tune and will undoubtedly get crowds dancing and singing along. After seeing the group perform at the 'O2 Academy is 10' gig last October I'm sure the band will continue to excite audiences - Ear To The Ground Blog


All I Need

Empty Apartments